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Ashbourne and District Probus Club
Probus - in favour of public transport

Founded in 1985 the club's first president was John Gadsby, a local county councillor and magistrate.

We are a club for retired professional and business men. We meet monthly for a talk, conversation and usually lunch.

There are also social events and trips. Please scroll down for more information, our programme and photographs. If you are interested please contact our secretary, David, on 01335 346409 or


We meet at 10am every second Tuesday at Ashbourne Golf Club. After coffee and a few minutes of housekeeping we sit back and listen to an entertaining speaker. Then many of us  have a light lunch chosen from the Golf Club's menu.  We are a men only club and our wives appreciate not having us under their feet for that one morning a month.

During most of the pandemic we kept going. Every second Tuesday we met over the internet via Zoom. About 25 of us - roughly half our membership - did this with a couple more joining our Zoom sessions every month.

However we resumed at the Golf Club in September 2021!!!!!


We had a very enjoyable lunch at The Izaak Walton on Thursday 7 October. Thanks to all involved in the organisation. See lower down for a photograph of the presentation of the Geoff Lowe golf trophy to Greg Jackson.


Unfortunately we had to cancel our December meeting owing to the coronavirus situation

NOTES OF THE  MEETING on Tuesday 11 January 2022

THE PRESIDENT: who is working as a volunteer administering vaccinations, remarked on the success of the roll out of ‘booster jabs’ and their effectiveness but advised all to continue to be extremely cautious as the virus continues to spread alarmingly quickly.

The 5 Minute Hot Spot   was conceived and directed by GERALD HUMPHRIES who, together with three other members, read out an article from the Manchester Guardian of 14th January 1941, almost exactly 81 years ago. Entitled “They Came To Manchester”, it was a beautifully written account of the Christmas 1940 blitz on the city centre which Gerald, then 16 years of age, had witnessed from his parents’ home in Didsbury.The talks were illustrated with evocative black and white photos of Manchester before and after the blitz

DAVE COAKLEY was our guest speaker. During the 36 years he has been enjoying whisky he has been learning about it and is now an acknowledged expert. He would have preferred to have talked to us in person - and so would we as tasting by Zoom isn’t possible - but he spoke from his personal whisky den and illustrated his presentation by showing us more varieties of bottles than he could have brought to the golf club. All of us, those who thought we already knew a lot about whisky and those of us who have never touched the stuff, learned a lot and were greatly entertained by Dave’s fascinating talk.  He offered to come back with samples when we could meet face to face 


Next meeting.
will be on February 8 when our speaker is still to be arranged


Presentation of the Geoff Lowe trophy to Greg Jackson by last year's winner Terry Hooley


Our Programme


8 February    tba 

8 March     Godfrey Meynell   "Eco-farming”

12 April     Annual General Meeting 

21 April    St George’s Day Dinner at the Bentley Brook (6.30 for 7pm)

10 May         Jen Binns The Prison Service

14 June        Mike Kelley Cromford Canal Restoration

12 July  Jonathan Marvin   “The Restoration of Amy Johnson’s Plane”

late August  Summer Supper

13 September Peter Lunn  My work in Uganda

11 October  Colin Petty  Aquabox

some date Oct/Nov - Autumn Luncheon
8 November  tba
13 December  Annual Quiz

visits to be arranged

Derby Museum  Joseph Wright exhibition

National Stone Centre


Christmas Cracker Jokes

What do Santa's elves learn at school               The elf abet

What's the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet     Noel

What goes Oh Oh Oh?                      Santa walking backwards

Why did Santa get a parking ticket                He left his sleigh in a Snow Parking Zone

Why didn't Mary and Joseph get to Bethlehem           All Virgin flghts were cancelled

Why didn't mary and Josepph join their work conference          There was no Zoom at the Inn

What happens if you eat Christmas decorations          You get tinselitis