Ashbourne and District Probus Club

Once upon a time we would meet at 10am every second Tuesday at Ashbourne Golf Club. After coffee and a few minutes of housekeeping we sat back and listened to an entertaining speaker. Then we had a light lunch chosen from the Golf Club's menu.  We are a men only club and our wives appreciated not having us under their feet for that one morning a month. Not any longer! Our regular meetings and our (rather good) programme of events and excursions is suspended. But we look forward to resuming our old ways as soon as all this nasty business is over and done with.

In the meantime, we keep going. Every second Tuesday we meet over the internet via Zoom. About 25 of us - roughly half our membership - do this with a couple more joining our Zoom sessions every month.


The 5 Minute Slot
Mike Dennison talked about his time as a newly qualified doctor. His practice was in Bristol where he was at times the duty police surgeon. On one occasion he was called to an unearthing of bones which he confirmed were human. However the murder squad’s interest faded when the remains were identified as those of a Roman soldier. (Veni…vidi...aagh)

Guest speaker
Debbi Gibson of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust  kept us - and members of Ashbourne U3A’s Natural History Group who joined us by special invitation - enthralled as she talked about otters. Debbi had visited otter sites around the world - there are otters in every continent except Australia and Antarctica - and has spent many months intensively studying Derbyshire otters. During both her excellently illustrated presentation and in answers to many questions afterwards, she told us about the other semi-aquatic animals who live in our countryside including water voles, American mink and, excitingly, beavers.

Next meeting.
Tuesday Tuesday 10 August, 10.00 for 10.30.

Peter Lunn: President 2021-2022
Peter Snelson: Treasurer
Roger Slater: Committee
Roy Atkinson: Committee