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Ashbourne and District Probus Club
Pro-bus    in favour of public transport

Founded in 1985 the club's first president was John Gadsby, a local county councillor and magistrate. We are a club for retired professional and business men. We meet monthly for a talk, conversation and usually lunch.There are also social events and trips. Please scroll down for more information, our programme and photographs.

If you are interested please contact our secretary, Roy, on 01335 347844

We meet at 10am on the second Tuesday of every month, usually at Ashbourne Golf Club. After coffee and a few minutes of housekeeping we sit back and listen to an entertaining speaker. Then many of us  have a light lunch chosen from the Golf Club's menu.  We are a men only club and believe our wives appreciate not having us under their feet for that one morning a month.


Notes of Meeting of Ashbourne and District Probus Club held at Ashbourne Golf Club on 14th March 2023 when 26 members were present.

The talk was given by Tony Walker CBE, DL on his role as High Sheriff of Derbyshire during 2020/2021.
Tony started by explaining the history of the role, which started during Saxon Times in 1068.
The High Sheriff had unchecked powers and could collect taxes, police, imprison and execute without limits.
There was no control over the role, until 1215, when in the Magna Carta, 27 of the 63 clauses reduced the powers of the High Sheriff.
Over time the powers of the High Sheriff have been further reduced until today when the role is largely ceremonial.
The High Sheriff is in the role for 1 year from April to April and the main roles are supporting events, High Sheriff awards and fundraising.
Unfortunately COVID came at the start of Tony’s year and events were cancelled and replaced by virtual meetings and social distanced events.
The High Sheriff operated with Zoom and is the first High Sheriff of Derbyshire to do so.
However as the COVID regulations relaxed events were organised that complied with the revised regulations.
A Peak Pilgrimage was organised with groups of 6, who walked the 39 miles over 4 days or part of the route.
Visits were arranged to the Derbyshire Police Control Room, Longcliffe Quarries and Hoe Grange Nature Reserve.
A High Sheriff Legal Service was held at Derby Cathedral.
Derbyshire Beacons of Hope was set up to award people and groups that had gone above and beyond during COVID.
170 awards were made and the recipients seemed grateful and humbled.
Tony felt that operating during COVID had improved peoples community spirit.
Tony gave a review of the Link Project in Ashbourne that has been awarded as part of the Government Levelling Up Initiative.
Chris Morris gave a vote of thanks.

The next Probus meeting will be held at Ashbourne Golf Club on 18th April (not the 11th) 2023 starting at 10.30 am. It will be our AGM


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Presentation of the Geoff Lowe trophy to Greg Jackson by last year's winner Terry Hooley
2015 visit to Jodrell Bank


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March 14th  Tony Walker   My Term as Derbyshire High Sheriff during the Pandemic
Ap 11th         AGM


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