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Ashbourne and District Probus Club
Probus - in favour of public transport

Founded in 1985 the club's first president was John Gadsby, a local county councillor and magistrate.

We are a club for retired professional and business men. We meet monthly for a talk, conversation and usually lunch.
There are also social events and trips. Please scroll down for more information, our programme and photographs.

If you are interested please contact our secretary, Roy, on 01335 347844

We meet at 10am every second Tuesday usually at Ashbourne Golf Club. After coffee and a few minutes of housekeeping we sit back and listen to an entertaining speaker. Then many of us  have a light lunch chosen from the Golf Club's menu.  We are a men only club and believe our wives appreciate not having us under their feet for that one morning a month.

During most of the pandemic we kept going. Every second Tuesday we met over the internet via Zoom. About 25 of us - roughly half our membership - did this with a couple more joining our Zoom sessions every month.

However we resumed at the Golf Club in September 2021!!!!! only to return to Zoom in December. We were back at the Golf Club in March 2022 but our April meeting was on Zoom. However we returned to the Golf Club in May


 Notesof Meeting for Ashbourne and District Probus Club
14 th June 2022 held at Ashbourne Golf Club when 27 members were present

Mike Kelley gave a talk on Friends of the Cromford Canal - a Sleeping Beauty.

Mike gave short history of the Cromford Canal and how it had been built by navvies using just pickaxes, shovels and wheelbarrows. It was constructed without any locks under the management of a 25 year old who had never built a canal before. It was 14.5 miles long from Cromford to Pixton. It is an engineering marvel, because of the terrain and lack of locks, and has been designated a World Heritage Site by United Nations.
Mike detailed how The Friends of Cromford Canal have taken over the restoration of the canalsince it was abandoned and deteriorated. He outlined the issues and fund raising to date.Canal boat trips are offered 3 days a week from Cromford as part of the fund raising.
Roger Slater gave a vote of thanks to Mike Kelley.

Next meeting will be on

 12 July when Jonathan Marvin will talk on  “The Restoration of Amy Johnson’s Plane”

Rogues Gallery

Presentation of the Geoff Lowe trophy to Greg Jackson by last year's winner Terry Hooley
2015 visit to Jodrell Bank


Our Programme


12 July  Jonathan Marvin   “The Restoration of Amy Johnson’s Plane”

26 July   Visit to the National Stone Centre, Wirksworth

9 August     Visit to Derby Museum Presentation on Joseph Wright. Meet at 11.00 am in
      the entrance to Museum. Booking necessary with Roy Atkinson.

25 August  Summer Supper

13 September Gerald Price  The Woodland Trust

11 October  Colin Petty  Aquabox

some date Oct/Nov - Autumn Luncheon

8 November  talk on Mercy Ships

13 December  Annual Quiz


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